Leech Lake, Muskoka

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Snow Mobile Trail Grooming

This is an appeal from cottager Wayne Cordingley;

Hi Larry . I want to find out is if any fellow snowmobilers on Leech Lake are able and willing to spend a day clearing the trail towards Wood lake This coming Saturday Dec. 2nd at 10:00 am. It will hopefully be the last one without 2 ft of snow . Those who are interested can call me at 519-836-5904 or even better text me  at 519-400-5267

Friday, October 20, 2017

Annual LL Regatta 2017

The annual Leech Lake Regatta was held on the August long weekend. The regatta was as result of tireless work by Debbie Burton and Paulette McGuckin and their team of volunteers. A good time was had by all as is attested in the pictures below.

Bass Derby

As submitted by Jerry Cragg:

Leech Lake Bass Derby Results

Hi Everyone!  We had a great day on the lake fishing in Leech Lakes first ever Bass Derby, September 16 2017.

There were 3 full boats and crew on the water, The Blue Minnow, The Black Knight, and The True North. It all started at 6 am with a nice mist on the lake, and the captain of the True North waiting for the crew to wake up. The Black Knight was already cruising the waters of Leech Lake, and no sign of the Blue Minnow.

Finally around 7 am we had some movement from the crew, and set out on the lake at 7.30, it was full steam ahead to our sweet spot before others arrived. At 7:45 The True North drops anchor and has the Black Knight in its sights, and started casting into the rocky shoreline. At 7:55 we could hear the familiar sound of a sewing machine running, and there was the Blue Minnow arriving around the point at full steam. It stops and drops anchor some 500 feet away from The True North, and they start casting. The True North moves its position a little bit east and starts a flurry of casts into the rocks. Within seconds, bang, fish on and now my buddy Steve has a fight going. After 3 hours, ok it was 5 minutes but to all aboard it seemed like 3 hours. Steve won this battle with one of the legends of our lake. We knew it was big, but how much did it weigh? We put her on the scale and wow 4 pounds 7 ounces. Game on! The Blue Minnow was within shouting distance to know that the bench mark was set and they had to get to work. For the next 10 hours the fishing continued off and on, lunch breaks, washroom breaks, etc. At 6 pm the horn sounded and a text message sent out that the Derby had ended. My buddy Steve was doing a little pacing around and talking about his fish, you could see in his eyes that he was wondering if his bass was big enough to hold onto first place.
While we were waiting for the other fishermen to arrive with their pictures and stories, Steve told us one of his own. Just before he was about to leave his house to come here to fish, his son talked to him first. He said dad, go up relax and to enjoy the weekend, then he handed his dad his favorite lucky lure. Well you can guess what happened. Steve cast that baby into the weeds and rocks and nailed that beautiful 4.7 pound Leech Lake Legend. To see my buddy in his late fifties act like he was a kid again, was priceless. A moment in time I will never forget. But now, was Steve going to be a legend? Will he win the first ever Leech Lake Bass Derby?

It took another hour for all to arrive at the BBQ and to review their pictures and hear the stories. (lies). The Blue Minnow thought for a moment they had beaten the 4.7 monster, but came up a little short when Laurie’s own monster came in at 4.21 pounds.
 Congratulations to Steve our Leech Lake 2017 Bass Derby Champion. Steve was presented the 2017 Bass Trophy for his entry of that huge monster 4.7 lb Bass. Laurie’s huge monster Bass came in at 4.21 lbs, good enough to win second and was awarded a gift certificate from Bass Pro. Great fishing Steve & Laurie!  Steve, aka (Shaky) no one deserved this Trophy, more than you buddy. Good job kid. But now the pressure is on! Can you both repeat against the best fishermen Leech Lake has to offer next year? Time will tell. To everyone that entered this Derby and came to the BBQ later that night, and sat around the camp fire, we thank you. Good times were had by all. We did raise a few dollars, but at the end of the day it was the fun and fellowship of neighbors enjoying each other’s company that really mattered.

To all those Leech Lake Fishermen that missed this year’s Great Bass Derby, we will be hosting it again next year. It will be Bigger and Better. Reserve your spot for next year’s Derby. It will be held on the middle Saturday of September 2018.
 See you there and good luck Steve.

Thanks Again Everyone!!!!!!

The North Road Group

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Canada 150 on Leech Lake

On July 1, 2017, Leech Lake Executive hosted a pancake breakfast to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. President Larry Jacobs was Chef for a Day. A great time was had by all

Chef Larry

Monday, June 26, 2017

Loon Family 2017

Happy Days! We have a loon family on the lake this year. The photo is from Fran Gross

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Storm of June 17, 2017

We had a frightening storm on Saturday June 17th that caused extensive damage around Leech Lake. Many trees and hydro poles were down that resulting in a power outage that lasted  4-5 days. As well many cottage were damage. Below are some of pictures taken on the south road.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Fall Colours

Fall colours taken around our cottage

Saturday, October 08, 2016

Leech Lake Regatta 2016

LLCA Regatta 2016

As coordinator, my first task is to thank all our volunteers.  Everyone on the executive – Larry, Kim, Hy, Susan and Jerry (who graded the grounds) - assisted.  Then special mention needs to be made to the following: Deborah Burton who helped with the games, Paulette McGuckin who helped to organize the gifts and pitched in everywhere, Mike O’Hara who took charge of the barbeque, Barry Shepherd who judged the 2 photo contests, and Mark Shepherd who was called upon at the event to supervise and accompany the canoe then the kayak races. 

Many thanks for the donations – over $200. - collected at the entrance.  There was a free draw for last year’s unclaimed black berry phone won by a young boy – Ben O. – who was ectastic – “I won, I won” followed by “What is this?”.  Other draw prizes went to Blair Clark for the pirate cruise, Maureen Fitzpatrick for the Santa’s Village passes. Brad Clark won the hockey jersey donated by Tracy Henze.  Winners of the photo contest were Manix Cole and Madison Robertson.

We hired to team to paint faces.  What fun that was – rushing to get painted between games.
We played the same 7 games as in previous years then added the kayak races.  First, second, third and participant ribbons were given out, some with ribbons covering their shirts.  And of course there were the ‘summer games’ gifts for all at the end.  What was really great was seeing children and adults playing together.

Our theme is FUN, FOOD, FRIENDSHIP.  Certainly we achieved this on Regatta Day - Sunday, July 31 with an attendance of close to 100.

Diane O’Hara

Susan Doolan

Hanging Donuts
Blinfolded Pudding Contest
Canoe Capers

Mike Ohara
Christine Jacobs